QI Macros SPC Software for Excel 2010

Classic Excel Menu or Ribbon

I've been using your QI Macros since 1997 and they have saved me tremendous amounts of time. I'm so glad I came across your stuff. I've recommended your QI Macros to at least four others who have purchased your QI Macros as well and regularly use them.

Mark E. Anderson, Business Analyst, Fairview Lakes Regional Health Care

Excel 2010 offers a different user interface than Excel 97-2003. To simplify your life, we offer both an Excel 2007-2016 ribbon interface.

The QI Macros run the same way: just select your data using the mouse and click on the appropriate chart or tool.

The QI Macros Ribbon

The Excel 2007 QI Macro Ribbon loads to the right of the last "tab" when you start Excel. It's all one ribbon shown here in two parts for clarity:

Excel 2007 QI Macros SPC Software Ribbon menu

Excel 2007 QI Macros SPC Software Ribbon menu

  1. Anova Tools and Help File
  2. Fill-in-the-blanks templates for every aspect of TQM and Lean Six Sigma:
    • SPC Charts
    • Lean Tools
    • Planning Tools
    • Improvement Tools
    • Flow Charts and Fishbones
    • Project Management Tools
  3. Data Transformation Tools to PivotTable, restack, sample or link your data.
  4. Charts to show capability (histograms and Box & Whisker)
  5. QI Macros Control Chart Wizard and attribute and variable charts.
  6. Improvement Charts including pareto, scatter, multivari, line, bar, pie, etc.
  7. Other Charts: Dot Plot, Multivari and Run Charts

The QI Macros Control Chart Ribbon

This ribbon loads in the Excel "Design" tab after you've drawn a control chart. It enables you to add data, delete points, show process changes and analyze stability on existing QI Macros control charts.

QI Macros SPC Software Chart Menu on Excel 2007 Ribbon

For Instructions on How to Switch Ribbons after Installation Click Here

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