SQC Software for Excel

Affordable, easy to use SQC software in the convenient environment of Microsoft Excel.

The QI Macros SQC Software for Excel draws pareto charts, control charts with stability analysis (c, np, p, u, XmR, XbarR, XbarS), histograms with Cp Cpk, scatter plot diagrams, box and whisker plots and more.

I'm taking some classes in Lean Six Sigma manufacturing and would have been lost without the graphing abilities of the QI-Macros. You have a way of making statistics and charting user friendly and more easily applied.

– Ed Cowell

This easy to use SQC software installs a new menu on your Excel toolbar. To run a chart simply click and drag over your data to select it, and then select the chart you want to run from the menu.

six sigma tool menu

The QI Macros SQC Software for Excel Has Five Parts:

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1. 30+ Charts you can draw instantly from Excel data including paretos, control charts, histograms, box and whisker, scatter, and many more.

Do you find it hard to choose the chart?

The QI Macros is the only SPC toolkit that has a Chart Wizard and a Control Chart Wizard that can choose the right chart automatically based on your data.
control chart 
pareto chart

Create Charts Video
3 minutes

Charts Tutorial
18 minutes


90+ Fill-in-the-blank Templates and Tools that provide paint-by-numbers simplicity and consistency to Lean Six Sigma tools like fishbones, flowcharts, Gage R&R, PPAP and SPC Charts.

Do you find monthly reporting a manual nightmare? There are over 30 chart templates that make monthly reporting as simple as adding new data points.
Ishikawa fishbone diagram 

Templates Video
4 minutes

Templates Tutorial
16 minutes


The QI Macros is the only SPC toolkit that has a Statistics Wizard that can automate hypothesis testing based on your data.

Statistical Tools like Anova, normality test, f-test, t-test, regression and more that make hypothesis testing and statistical analysis a breeze.

Statistical Tools Video
2 minutes

Statistical Tools Tutorial
11 minutes


Data Transformation Tools - To help stack, restack, aggregate and analyze your data.

The QI Macros is the only tool that includes a PivotTable Wizard to instantly aggregate line-by-line transaction data like ERP, error logs or financial data into actionable improvement stories.

The QI Macros is the only tool that has a Word Count Wizard that analyzes service rep comments to find pareto patterns in the notes.

Data Transformation Video
3 minutes

Data Transformation Tutorial
14 minutes


Do you struggle with the Control Phase of DMAIC?

Control Chart Dashboards for Monthly Reporting and Monitoring of Key Indicators - just drop your data into these XmR, c, np, p, or u chart templates and click on the Create Dashboards icon.

Control Chart Dashboard Tutorial
6 minutes

What People Are Saying

I really love the QI Macros SPC Software! It really saves non-mathematicians / non-statisticians like myself a lot of grief. When I first tried the free trial and saw what it could do (and how much work it would save me) you could hear me shout clear down the hall! I like the software so much I was able to get our corporate office to buy it too.

– Vickie Smith

After testing this program I like it so much (even though I have both Statistical and Minitab®), I am recommending it to several engineers in different sites of our company. Since it is embedded in Excel, I don't need to go back and forth like the other software. Most of time QI Macros can do the job.

– Engineer at Software Company

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