Histogram Maker for Excel

EZ Chart Plus is easier to use than Excel's data analysis tool and it creates more professional looking histograms. Save yourself time and frustration with EZ Chart Plus.

Excel's Histogram Tool Can be Confusing

Excel can create a Histogram from your data but its interfaces are difficult to understand. In Excel click on Tools, Data Analysis and Histogram to get this input window.

make a histogram using Excel Data Analysis

Then define your data range, bin range, output range, etc, etc to get a histogram:
required info to make a histogram in Excel histogram chart made in Excel

EZ Chart Plus Histogram Maker for Excel is Easy to Use

The EZ Chart Plus Histogram Maker for Excel is much easier to use than out-of-the-box Excel and we have added a few additional calculations of our own. EZ Chart Plus creates a new menu on your Excel toolbar. Just click and drag over your data to select it, then click on EZ Chart Plus - Histogram.

draw a histogram in Excel by clicking on the EZ Chart Plus histogram maker button

The EZ Chart Plus output contains not only a histogram, but also box plots, confidence intervals, normal probability plot and descriptive statistics.

Excel histogram created using EZ Chart Plus

Save yourself time and frustration, use the EZ Chart Plus Histogram Maker for your charting needs.

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For Histograms with Cp, Cpk and other capability analysis metrics, consider the QI Macros for Excel.